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1    Occupants, and Occupant Groups, are responsible for the care and condition of the assigned meeting facilities and residences covered by this agreement, including, but not limited to, equipment, walls, floors, carpets, fixtures, furnishings, etc. Charges will be assessed against those responsible for damaging or misusing property. Occupants are responsible for the proper disposal of waste


2.   Facilities must be left in move-in condition upon departure. The occupant or occupant group agrees to pay the cost of repairs for any damages and the cost of any extraordinary cleaning or furniture moving needed to return the residence or other meeting facility to its move-in condition. The need for and the costs of such are within the sole discretion of the Campus Town.


3.   Campus Town reserves the right to enter rooms without prior permission from occupants if it has reason to suspect that an emergency situation exists, or that violations of Campus Town policy are occurring (or may have occurred), to locate persons or missing property, to conduct maintenance activity, and to do health, safety and maintenance checks and repairs. After knocking and waiting a reasonable period of time, a Campus Town staff member may make entry at this time. If an Occupant is not present when entry is made, a note may be left indicating the person or persons entering and reasons for doing so.


4.   Campus Town is not responsible nor liable for the loss of, or damage to, any property of the occupant/group, or for personal injuries sustained by an occupant while in or resulting from occupancy of a residence or other Campus Town facility. As per the Campus Town’s license agreement, an occupant group is responsible to provide a certificate of liability insurance naming the Campus Town as an additional insured. The Campus Town recommends that individual occupants carry appropriate insurance.


5.   All vehicles must be parked in accordance with Campus Town parking regulations.


6.  Campus Town does not permit the use of its facilities for any commercial purposes without prior approval.


7.  All animals, except animals trained to aid people with disabilities (with prior approval), are prohibited in all campus buildings.


8.   It is understood that use of campus housing and meeting facilities will occur at the same time other Campus Town guest groups are present, and that any guest activity must not disturb others anywhere on campus. Minors (youth under age 18) must be supervised at all times.  Occupants are responsible for the actions of their guests and ensuring that they are familiar with all applicable policies. 


9.   Individuals staying in a residence for one or more nights must either sign an individual lease or be a named participant of a registered group. Arrangements for guests may be made by contacting the Campus Town Office Management office 609 273-7925


10. Campus Town will provide summer seasonal conference services staff on duty 24/7 who can be telephoned for assistance at 609 273-7925. For all emergencies 24/7, Call 911


11. All occupants and their guests must abide by applicable Campus Town policies, New Jersey laws, and Federal laws, especially those dealing with fire safety. The possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, fireworks, guns and other weapons is prohibited. Burning fires anywhere on campus is prohibited.


12. Hover boards may not be used, plugged in or charged in any building at Campus Town


13. Occupants must abide by the Campus Town’s Code of Conduct and Residence Life Office policies as set out in the Campus Town Student Handbook (http://www1.Campus Town/studentlife/dean/publications.html) and any other policies specific to the program in which they are participating.

14.  Campus Town prohibits smoking in all Campus Town buildings. Smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside of all campus residential buildings.


15. Alcoholic beverages (for those age 21 or over) are permitted in assigned guest rooms.


16. Occupants are responsible for using their access fob and  room key in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety or security of individuals or property. A lost key or compromised lock combination should be reported immediately to the Management Office. There is a $75.00 fee for a lost key or fob due to the costs associated with a required lock change and key production.


17. No personal heating, air-conditioning or cooking apparatus shall be allowed in Campus Town facilities, other than what is provided. Portable box fans are permitted.


18. Male and female occupants could be housed on the same floor. Shared rooms or apartments are reserved for married couples, families or occupants of the same sex or with the written consent of all apartment occupants.


19. No theft or violence, including sexual abuse, harassment, hazing or bullying (cyber or otherwise) will be tolerated.


20. The inappropriate use of cameras, imaging, digital devices and electronic communications is prohibited, including use of such devices in showers, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected.


21. This Occupancy Agreement shall not be deemed to constitute a lease or to create or transfer an interest in or lien on real estate.  Campus Town may remove any occupant that Campus Town considers disruptive or otherwise considers detrimental to the residence population or Campus Town community. Subject to the Campus Town’s right of revocation, the occupant agrees that this agreement shall remain in force for the full term of the occupancy.

22. Any occupant incident where there is physical threat or destructive action may result in removal or reassignment of involved occupant(s) per the Campus Town’s discretion. An occupant who is removed from Campus Town housing must remove all belongings, return the key, and vacate per the Campus Town’s instructions. If the occupant fails to vacate within 24 hours, the Campus Town may take possession of the assigned space, remove and dispose of the occupant’s belongings at the occupant’s risk and expense, change the locks to the premises, and charge all costs associated with this change to the occupant. An escort will accompany the dismissed occupant if necessitated by his/her conduct.


23.  Campus Town reserves the right:

a) To levy and collect charges for damages to, unauthorized use of, or alterations to residences, equipment or buildings, and for extraordinary cleaning necessitated by improper use of its facilities;

b) To reassign occupants to other accommodations;

c) To bar any occupant from the campus and the residences if, in the sole judgment of the Campus Town, the individual’s conduct is injurious or potentially injurious to Campus Town, or members of the Campus Town community or guests;

d) To retain any payment made by, or on behalf of, any occupant barred from the campus or residences;

e) To terminate the reservation of any occupant or occupant group if, in the sole judgment of the Campus Town, unforeseen events make it inadvisable or illegal or impossible to provide the required facilities.


24. Campus Town shall not be held liable for any delays or failures to provide rooms, meeting space or other facilities fit for occupancy or any other delays or failures in performance, in whole in part, if such delay or nonperformance is due, directly or indirectly (e.g., through the prior or concurrent displacement and need for rescheduling of academic, research or administrative functions) to any cause beyond Licensor’s reasonable control, including, but not limited to, destruction of or damage to such space, acts of God, war, riot, terrorism, civil disturbance, fire, floods, environmental calamity or risk, inclement weather; restriction upon travel, food, beverages or supplies; strikes, lock-outs, labor disputes, pandemics, epidemics or other outbreaks of diseases or other infections, failures in public supply of electricity, water, heating, lighting, air conditioning or public telecommunications equipment, or other such events, disturbances or conditions.

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